Tag After School for Android | Tag After School free download

Tag After School, the engaging game for solo players. Are you ready to dive into Shota-kun’s adventure in high school building? Just download Tag After School for Android.

Buckle-up yourself! And begin your journey into Shota-kun’s life. Meet the fascinating ghosts and save your life by fighting them.

Tag after school is for those players, fond of horror mystery. You will encounter several characters that will leave you shocked. Also, you meet various creatures that may try to hamper your performance while walking the dusty and misty corridors.
While living Shota-kuns life, you delve into several experiences. You come across different life situations while on the adventure of High-school. It surrounds you with terror and horrifying experiences while on the way through corridors. Go with the guide to download Tag After School for Android.

What is Tag After school for Android?

Tag after school is the engaging game with variety of splendid visuals that captivates gameplayer with its extensive gameplay. It is a high-school horror game, involving ghosts. Players enter into the game as Shota-kun. You accomplish his responsibilities, interacting with his friends & relatives. The captivating visuals of the game presents different tasks while walking through misty corridors. Complete the tasks assigned while undergoing challenges.

Delve into the thrill, experience horror, and take a dive into Shota-kun life’s adventure. Tag After School is a mysterious game, which will put you in different situations full of mystery, excitement and thrill.

Tag After School for Android

How do I get Tag After School on Android?

To get Tag After School on your Android device you need to setup ExaGear Application, which will ease you to download. Tag After School is not directly available to play on Android. You need to primarily setup ExaGear Application then you can begin to launch this app.

How to setup ExaGear Application on Android?

Here is the complete stepwise process to setup Tag After school on Android-

  1. Get the ExaGear app download on your Android. Download its Zip file from official site.
  2. Now, extract the file after downloading it.
  3. Go to the folder called “com.ludashe.benchmark“.
  4. Thereafter, go with the prompts following the setup.
  5. Lastly, create a new folder with name – “Exagear”.

NOTE= On further download of the game – Tag After School, save the files here.

Secondly, use the ExaGear Application to play Tag after school on Android, launch this game on the platform.

How to download Tag After School on Android?

After successfully setting up Exagear on Android, start by downloading the game on the Android device from any thrird party app.

  1. Firstly, download Tag After School on your device from any thrird party app.
  2. Now, extract the file you downloaded.
  3. Thereafter, transfer the saved file to Exagear folder that you have created earlier.
  4. Go with the prompts you get on screen.
  5. Open the Tag After School.exe file, double-click it.
  6. Configure the installer lastly.

Experience the thrill! Get Tag After School for Android.

How to enjoy Tag After School?

With the Tag After School, you can begin adventure of new world of Shota-kun’s life. Here’s is how you can continue your

  • Start with the character of Shota-kun – On entering the game, you become Shota-kun, play his role to enjoy the game. You experience several life incidences of his life. You meet characters that may fascinate Shota-kun while focussing on academics.
  • Shape Shota-kun’s life journey – What you choose will affect the character’s life. So, its your decisions that influence Shota-kun’s future. It is you who will drive Shota-kun’s path while balancing academics and love life. The While understanding the relationships you travel into the game.
  • Overcome the challenges & Ghosts – On the way through characters you meet several ghosts and new creatures which hamper your gameplay. Fight them using your own powers and beware of the female ghosts. They can ruin your game if you go too close to them. Rest aware about these girls in vicinity.
  • Continue with the puzzles – While playing the game, you meet different challenges. Overcoming the challenges is not easy but you can wisely come out the situations. It demands intellectual thinking over the situations you are trapped into.
  • Win the game – The aim of the game is to remain in the game till it hits 6 o’clock. Moving through the dark corridors along with torch. Avoid danger, enjoy the thrill and control your moves to maintain your performance. Secure yourself from haunted and terrifying ghosts.

Last words

You will encounter a world of thrill and adventure, set in the environment of High-school with Shota-kun’s character in your hands. Your actions and decisions decide the fate of Shota-kun’s life. The immersive gameplay features will blow your mind with horror. Delve into Shota kun’s life, interact with various characters. Determine on his behalf whether to continue love interests, or balance it along with academics. It’s you who will choose!