FAQs – Tag After School

Play and enjoy the terror-filled game – Tag after School. You may encounter doubts before setting up the game or while playing it. Refer the following Questions to get answers to all your queries.

tag after school

Can I download Tag After School on my phone?

By setting up Exagear application on your Android you can download Tag After School.

How to setup Gallery Mode in Tag After?

Download the Tag After school, extract the ag After School.exe file thereafter. Go ahead by selecting “Gallery” option. Encounter the female ghost by standing near to her and pressing Z button. This way your game is set to be played in Gallery Mode.

How can I get Tag After School on my PC?

Simply, download the ‘Tag After School’ Zip file on your PC. Extract it with help of concerned software.

Can I make friends in Tag after school?

By tapping the “Add Friend” option you can make friends during the game. This is built-in feature in the game.

Who can play Tag After School?

Tag after school is especially designed game for teenagers. They enjoy playing this game while going through life journey of Shota-kun.

What rewards do I win during the game?

On progressing during the game you will receive Torches and other game prizes to smash all the enemies.

What is Tag After School all about?

Tag after school is all about accomplishing tasks assigned to you by Senior girls. While wandering the abandoned high-school building you venture across several spots.

How to get update for tag after school?

You require source code access to update the game. By setting up development environment and importing project updates are provided to you.

How do I play Tag after school offline?

No, you can’t play Tag after school offline. You need to download it on your PC or Android.

Tag after school

Tag After School